The Creative Formulations of Darlene Alleyne

My creations are brought forth to illicit thought, provoke inspiration, and to motivate its audience to pursue their own forms of creativity. I only intend to share my artistic voice with you as I nurture my spirit. As most of my life experiences, I'm geared towards independent study to hone my craft. I continue to refine my skills in the fascinating world of Art & Design, and welcome all new forms of its expression in the process.

incerge [in.surj]


1. An acronym for an inspirationally narrative, creative entrepreneur, realizing graphical evolution.

2. Pertaining to visual, oral, written, and/or performance artistry.

3. A cohesive portfolio of creative expression manifested on a continuous basis.


4. Creatively poignant: This is so incerge!

5. To conceptualize design elements in an abstract manner; thinking outside of the box: I'm in an incerge state of mind.


2001 - 2006; early 21st century American


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